High Five Favorites

I started this series on YouTube a while back and have been slacking big time! I am finally getting around to sharing some of favorite things again. Keep in mind, these foods, drinks, and more are coming from an 18 week pregnant lady! 


I plan on wearing this shirt as much as possible until baby gets here!!

Favorite drink…


I recently got a Mama To Be Tea Sampler from Earth Mama Angel Baby to try out. For me, it has been no problem saying goodbye to caffeine.  I haven’t even wanted decaf coffee anymore.  I have been wanting to drink lots of tea though!! The problem I was having was all the contradicting info on the world wide web…One site says I can’t have this…another says I can’t have that…I just want some safe pregnancy tea!!!!

This company guarantees 100% safe teas for mamas to be! This sampler came with four different teas for the stages of pregnancy.  


I love having a cup with some saltine crackers and peanut butter! If that doesn’t scream “I am pregnant” I don’t know what does!! It is different from any other teas I would normally drink, but in a good way! Something about them is very soothing and calming which is exactly what I need!! They contain organic herbal ingredients such as ginger, peppermint, chamomile, lemon, and more.  


 It tastes the best out of my favorite mug that i got from a very special friend 🙂

Favorite healthy snack…

Let’s face it – every woman, pregnant or not, gets chocolate cravings! And yes, there are plenty of times where I just grab a good old candy bar!! However, I recently discovered Go Organic Dark Chocolate NuGo bars that are delicious and a quite a bit more nutritious than a Crunch Bar or KitKat (two of my favorites)


I don’t go out of my way to buy things that are organic, vegan, and gluten free but it doesn’t hurt that these bars are all of those things.  The most important thing is that they taste great, have the perfect amount of chocolatey goodness, and also have a nice little protein boost!

Favorite Not So Healthy Snack…

Yes, I am human!! I do not eat “healthy” all of the time! 


If I did, I would miss out on these little balls of heaven!! Words cannot even describe how perfect these are.  Salty, sweet, crunchy, melty, caramel, and chocolate! 


Absolutely nothing about these is “good for you”.  They have lots of sugar, fat, and carbs…they are not organic, gluten free, or all natural…And I do not care! Live a little!

Favorite Kinda Sorta Healthy Snack….

That’s right…some snacks I can easily justify as being healthy if I try.


Raisins are very good for you!! And yogurt is full of calcium and protein right?! So raisins covered in yogurt must be a superfood!!


The ones with lots of yogurt coating are the best! 

Favorite Book…


Sorry…were you expecting a great novel or something?! Nope, I am really enjoying reading all about what to expect during this pregnancy!

IMG_3460 IMG_3461

I love going month by month and finding out about what baby is up to in there! Apparently, baby is the size of sweet potato this week! I love sweet potatoes! Much better than the onion that is was last week…

Favorite Show…

Thanks to some of my wonderful YouTube subscribers, Jim and I are now pretty much addicted to Once Upon A Time.


We just started Season 3 and love watching it on Netflix! I hate commercials….It’s a nice combo of drama, suspense, love, and even a little humor. 

Favorite Guilty Pleasure…

Not sure if this counts, but I have been indulging in some sleep lately!! I am up at 5am during the week, but have been sleeping in on the weekends like it’s nobody’s business!! 


I figure when baby comes I can say “Goodbye” to sleep so I better enjoy it now while I can!!!!

So that’s it!! Just a few things that I loving lately!

Favorite Baking Ingredient…

By now you have probably realized that I love to bake! I use ingredients other than sugar, four, oil, and eggs. I love to  bake with things like beans, pumpkin, protein powder, and bananas. I especially love to bake high protein treats and goodies!


MTS Nutrition just came out with Key Lime Pie protein powder and it is amazing!!!! It is good as a shake, but even better to bake with!

I don’t have a recipe for these yet because I am still working on perfecting it.  Don’t worry, none of these Banana Key Lime Mini Muffins were wasted! 



You can order MTS whey here.  They have a ton of super fun flavors! Use code “KIM” to save 5% Get ready for lots of summery Key Lime recipes soon!!

*What’s your favorite healthy and not so healthy snack??

*Any other great shows you can recommend??


  1. Best Snack: Graham crackers with reddi whip and chocolate chips… thank me later

    Fav TV Show: Castle (Funny crime show.. LOVE)… Black ish (funny comedy).. Both are on ABC and can watch on ABC.com

  2. Loving perky jerky & Special K crackers crisps! Fav Netflix show currently…Peeky Blinders 🙂

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