Corn Fritters

I have made just about every flavor of pancake you can imagine! I have made sweet ones like chocolate and pumpkin, and I have made savory ones like spinach and broccoli! I feel like some people get a little apprehensive about the savory pancakes…I understand! So instead of calling these pancakes, I will call them corn fritters!!
What really makes a pancake a pancake anyway…I mean yes, these are round-ish and cooked in a skillet…Does it really matter though?? These little bite sized guys are super tasty and super healthy! Call them what you want, I love them!
Ya, simple too! Four ingredients!
Canned corn, egg substitute, MTS vanilla whey, and baking powder.
*You can use fresh corn too*
*Real egg would be fine*
*Not quite sure about the sweet/savory combo? Use unflavored protein*
Drain your corn and get as much liquid out as possible.  Dab with a paper towel if you are impatient.
I love using canned veggies! So simple and you can buy in bulk because they never go bad.
 Mix together the egg, protein powder, and vanilla first.  When that is nice and smooth, stir in the corn.
I went the sweet route with these, but you can definitely make them savory.  Add some peppers, onions, garlic, salt and pepper…
Get your skillet nice and hot, coat with non stick spray, and cook like pancakes whatever these things are!
The batter will be a little runny so it is quite impossible to make them perfectly round!
Nice and golden brown!
These have a perfect little crunch to them.
I love mine topped off with a little sugar free syrup and spray butter.
If you made them savory I bet they would be awesome with some sour cream and salsa for dipping!
Either way they are delicious! You could be all fancy and use a fork, but I think they are the perfect little finger food!
Such a great way to add veggies to your diet too! There is a whole can of corn in these.
And yes, I consider this whole plate one serving 🙂
You get about 14-16 fritters for only 242 calories plus 33 grams of protein! Great for breakfast! Low carb and low fat too.
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Corn Fritters


  • -1/2 cup corn (125g)
  • -3 T egg substitute (46g)
  • -1 scoop MTS vanilla protein powder (30g)
  • -1/2 t baking powder
  • *If you want to make them savory you can use unflavored protein powder and add any additional spices and chopped veggies


  1. Mix all ingredients together! (best to mix everything but corn first and then stir in the corn last)
  2. Cook like pancakes on a hot pan.
  3. Enjoy!
Whole Batch – 242 calories
4g Fat
17g Carb
33g Protein

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  1. Mmm, I’ve never had corn fritters but corn bread and corn on the cob are in my top 5 favorite foods! You’re right… these would be so good with some syrup!

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