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New protein bars and new peanut butters!! 

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A new, family owned business called The Lion’s Choice sent me some of their protein bars and nut butters to try out.
Not only do they make products with the most fresh, natural, and vibrant ingredients, they are also doing some other wonderful things with their company. They have committed to making monthly contributions to the Dream 2 Achieve Kid’s Foundation based on sales. For every single Lions Choice product sold, a portion of those proceeds go to the foundation’s efforts to give underprivileged youth the ability to get on and stay on a good path in life. How amazing is that!? 

That is reason enough to try some! How about I give you a few more reasons in case you are still unsure…

Birthday Cake Batter, Macadamia Nut Cookie, Maple Praline Waffle, and Sea Salt Chocolate Ginger!


 These are just a few of the many flavors made at TLC Protein! Plus they are already coming out with new flavors!

StarCrunch Brownie is one of my favs! Caramel-y, crunchy, brownie goodness!


The bars are soft and slightly chewy.  Somewhat similar to that of a LARABAR, but not as dense.  I love the toppings! 

Cookies ‘n Cream did not disappoint with actual cookie pieces!


 I could really taste the maple in the Maple Praline Waffle bar!


 The little waffle cereal pieces add a nice crunch!

Tons of little minty green chips in the Mint Chocolate Chip Cone.


I liked that the mint wasn’t too overwhelming.  You definitely get flavors of each bar, but none of them are over the top sweet.

Birthday Cake Batter was my favorite overall!


The bar was like a super soft sugar cookie! Who doesn’t love sprinkles?!

Mocha Biscotti Crunch had an authentic coffee flavor.  Not artificial tasting at all!


That chocolate chunk!!

The Sea Salt Chocolate Ginger was good, but the big ginger pieces were a little too strong for me…


I took off some of the pieces and the rest of the bar had a great flavor and texture! I am just not a huge fan of ginger, but if you are then you will love the sweet, crystalized ginger chunks!

Macadamia Nut Cookie was extra chunky!


Each bite was full of macadamia nuts and white chocolate chunks.  Such a great combo!!

The macros vary per bar but are all under 180 Calories, 5g-6g Net Carbs, 20g-22g Protein, 5g or Less Fat, and 11g-12g Fiber

Plus the ingredient list is super short and I recognize everything in these gluten free bars. They do all contain coconut products so you can detect a slight coconuty flavor in each bar.  Overall they really do taste like what they are supposed to and no one can argue that they are quite healthy!! 

Wait!! We aren’t done yet!! The Lion’s Choice also makes protein infused nut butters!!


 Triple Chocolate is just like the names suggests…


Smooth, creamy, and full of chocolate goodness!! I like that these are not oily and hard to stir like so many nut butters out there…

The perfect topping for an otherwise boring rice cake!


My favorite is the Birthday Cake Batter!


Put that on your rice cake, add sprinkles, and you got your self quite the snack!!

Last, but not least…


Roasted Honey Graham!! I love the sweetness from the honey! It’s not sickly sweet like some flavored spreads are though.

I wish I had some graham crackers to dip, but it went great with some honey wheat pretzels.


So good you gotta dip them two at a time!

Macros for 2 tablespoons – 180 calories 13F 5C 12P

I was just browsing the TLC Protein site and saw that they also have Toffee ‘n Cream spread!!! I will be trying that!
At only $7.99 a jar, you can try all 4 fun flavors.

You can order all of their bars and nut butters online.  They offer sampler packs so you can try a couple different flavors before finding your favorites.

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  1. Yes!I recently tried their PB and bars out too and they are DELICIOUS!! Their flavors are on point; I mean, actual sprinkles on one of their bars!! True love <3
    And you can also get 10% of with "tiger10"

  2. Eh I ordered a sampler…I do not recommend eating them straight out of the package…they were so artificial tasting and the texture was very chewy and almost chunky. Was so excited to try the cool flavors but even birthday cake was a big flop and I could barely eat it…toasted they are edible. Maybe I will try the peanut butters, but I love D’s natural’s vegan protein fluff butter too much!

    1. They are definitely a different kind of bar. I actually liked the chewy texture…seems to make the bar last longer! They are much better warmed or baked. But YES, D’s peanut butter fluff is amazing!! I love that stuff too!!

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