Quest Pumpkin Pie Bars!

Pretty much everyone, including myself, was super excited when Quest announced their new Pumpkin Pie bar!!!


I am definitely a sucker for Pumpkin flavored things! Especially during Fall! Except Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes…I dunno, they just don’t do it for me…

But these!!


At first I wasn’t too sure about them…they are very different from all the other Quest Bars and change can be a very scary thing!! 

As you can see, this bar is coated! It is like one of the regular bars, made with corn fiber, but then is covered with graham cracker bits and completely coated in a pumpkin shell. 

I think the coating has a white chocolate essence which I love!!


The bar is still that soft, chewy texture that I love.  The pumpkin flavor isn’t too strong, but I can definitely taste the cinnamon, pumpkin, graham cracker, and all the other goodness that goes into a pumpkin pie!

I kinda wish Quest had made it like their other bars and put orange pumpkin chunks and graham cracker pieces throughout the bar, but the flavor is still spot on! They actually keep getting better! I have already had 6 and I am getting quite addicted.  

That is a bad thing because they are limited time only!!!


These bars are a little higher in calories too, but worth it in my opinion!

220 calories – 12F 19C 21P

They are a teeny bit messier than the other bars because some of the coating goodness is a bit crumbly. I will gladly deal with a few crumbs because I am just amazed at how tasty it is! Hard to believe it has less than 1 gram of sugar! Not to mention 12 grams of fiber. And yes, they are still gluten free!

So in conclusion, I would absolutely recommend these bars! You can stock up here for $24.99 a box. I plan on hoarding enough to last me til next Fall!! Yay for Pumpkin everything!


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Check out my tasting video too!


  1. I find that the new corn fiber formula lacks the chewiness that I love in Quest bars and has a bad aftertaste. How does this compare to the other new formula bars? (if you’ve tried them) Oh, and is this a sponsored review?

    1. I do prefer the IMO fiber, but I love the flavor of this bar!! It is very different from all the other bars! The actual bar is similar to all the other bars with the corn fiber though (I have tried them all!!) But no, it is not a sponsored post

  2. Hey Kim! I am not a fan of the new macros and bars either. But you really like the smores ? Those are corn fiber. Have you tried many different flavors of the new ones with corn fiber? Hope your having a good fall. Your daughter is adorable!

    1. I know the s’mores has always been made with the corn fiber but for whatever reason it is top 2 for me!! I have tried almost all the other flavors with the corn fiber and they are still very good, I just kinda preferred the more chewy texture from the IMO fiber..still my favorite bars!!

  3. Hi Kim! I just was wondering how you feel about Quest sending you things etc with regard to then reviewing them (or how this may effect how you view them) I know this is not sponsored post, and you are not an employee btw. But I am asking because everyone I know online and in real life HATES the switch to corn fiber. And I feel like ALL the popular bloggers and youtubers are, unofficially or not, either provided with free bars upon new releases, get free trips etc or are affiliated in other ways. So, I know this isn’t ‘sponsored’ but surely the free stuff and special treatment by quest must make you at least a little more reluctant to be too blunt about certain things, no? I don’t want this to sound rude though at all so sorry if it comes across that way, I’m just genuinely interested. I just feel like it’s dodgy on Quest’s part to change a formula without labeling adequately and only saying so when people complain. Also their ‘main reason’ changes from ‘we want to cute metabolic disease’ to ‘these bars stay fresher longer’ (when the new bar texture is dry and crumbly to begin with). But I guess that is business. I thought quest were different. Disappointing. They are deleting Facebook comments that criticize the new bars now. Anyway, yes… FThe new bars are terrible to me and I l loved the old ones. I don’t think I just ‘hate change’, I actually really wanted to keep loving them. Anyway, just wanted to share these thoughts because you seem very genuine and approachable and I love your blog and videos. Thanks for being you!

    1. Yes, I was sent the bars for free but I by no means need to do a positive review for Quest. I have said multiple times that I wish they hadn’t switched to the corn fiber, but these are still my favorite bars. Pumpkin is not my favorite, but it is really growing on me. I think the flavor is great, but it could have been better texture wise. I definitely do not get free trips or anything like that from Quest. Honestly, I think Quest is amazing company. They have a great product that I love and do a great job with their social media and what not. Of course, not everyone is going to love their bars, but I am a huge fan.

  4. Also the ‘bad batch’ issue seemed like a distraction technique because the replacements tasted the same. It’s like they were hoping that giving free replacements would impress us into silence? I don’t know. I just feel like they are trying to manipulate things by showering all the popular online people with free things so there is no negative commentary and that is what is disappointing to me.

    1. I can’t really say much about that because all the bars I have ever had have been great. They are not forcing anyone to buy their bars and not everyone is going to love them. If people don’t like them, just don’t buy them! They do a lot more on social media compared to other companies and I think that is why they are so successful. If people don’t want to listen to or trust popular online people, they can just try the bars for themselves and form their own opinions.

  5. Hi Kim! My name is Kim too! Haha. First time commenting but long time lurker! I love all your videos and your blog btw! I relate to you a lot (I am recovering from an ED too) anyway I just wondered whether you have noticed any other differences in the new formula bars, regarding digestion etc? I have tried a few and my tummy didn’t react that well (I have a lot of sensitivities) but I’m going to give them another try because I am used to having so many! I’m just nervous about it! I don’t like change either and tbh the change in macros and taste etc alarmed me more than it should! But I owe it to quest to keep trying to like the change as I honestly think I owe them my life in a way as they helped me gain weight. I have become quite dependent on them (more than I should be). So I’m trying to plan things to not get myself in trouble! Anyway, sorry for the long story. Anyway just wanted to say thanks for being inspiring!

    1. The bars are definitely noticeably different. Personally, I preferred the IMO fiber rather than the corn fiber they now use…However, they do not bother my stomach at all. I have heard they do bother some people, but luckily not me! I still love them!!

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