NuGo Egg White Bars

NuGo Nutrition is absolutely one of my favorite protein bar companies! I love that they have so many different varieties and flavors of bars.  Literally something for everyone! Vegan, Gluten Free, Low Sugar, Paleo, High Protein…

My favorite bars are their NuGo Dark! Not sure if anything will ever top Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Pretzel…but they just came out with a new line that I am pretty excited about.

NuGo Egg White Bars! These are gluten free, made with fruits and nuts, no added sugar, and contain 3 non-GMO egg whites resulting in 12-14 grams of protein per bar. They are free from dairy, soy, and any artificial ingredients. Literally just made with whole foods! 

They come in 3 paleo flavors:

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt, Maple Pecan and Blueberry

There is also Peanut Butter because…well…peanut butter!! I mean who doesn’t love a peanut butter flavored bar?!

Let’s start with something fruity. 180 calories 5F 22C 12P

Soft and very chewy.  I actually really like the texture.  It makes the bar last and you feel like you are eating something substantial.  It’s sweet and the blueberries add an extra burst of flavor!

Next up is one of my favorite flavor combinations.  Dark Chocolate Sea Salt!! 190 calories 8F 20C 13P.

I knew I wanted to try microwaving this one! Good idea, Kim.  Very good idea!! The chocolate chips got all warm and gooey and it was kinda like eating a freshly baked brownie! I wanted a little more salt, but overall I really liked this one.

Calling all Peanut Butter lovers!!!

200 calories 8F 19C 14P.
Same soft gooey texture which I am definitely a fan of.

How to make it better?? Shmear some peanut butter in there! Even without the added peanut buttery-ness there is no doubt about the flavor.  Favorite flavor so far.  But we have one more to go…

I think I saved the best for last.  I am such a sucker for anything maple flavored so I was extra excited for Maple Pecan. 200 calories 8F 19C 13P.

Hands down the best one!! No question! This one was much softer and gooier than the others.  Strong maple flavor which I loved! Nice and sweet with bits of pecans for a little crunch.  Winner Winner!

My ranking

  1. Maple Pecan
  2. Peanut Butter
  3. Dark Chocolate Sea Salt
  4. Blueberry

I love the texture, the flavors are all pretty spot on, macros and ingredients get a thumbs up, and it’s something a little different! Well done NuGo.

Order boxes and sample packs online.

NuGo makes 34 certified gluten-free products.  

NuGo is the only company to make REAL Dark Chocolate coated protein bars for many lifestyles. Use the store locator to find NuGo bars at a store near you.

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*This blog post was sponsored by NuGo Nutrition.  All photos and statements are my own.



  1. I love how everyone is jumping on the egg white/ RXbar-style bandwagon lately… tbh that’s my favorite kind of protein bar!

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