NuGo Dark Bars

I love chocolate! Who doesn’t!? 

Being almost 14 weeks pregnant has me craving chocolate more than usual.
You better believe we enjoy our fair share of KitKats, Reese’s Cups, and Crunch Bars (just a few favs)…

But it’s also nice to satisfy that chocolate craving without all the extra sugar.

NuGo Dark Chocolate Bars to the rescue!!
Let’s take a closer look…

Chocolate Pretzel with Sea Salt is hands down my favorite flavor.


It’s sweet, it’s salty, it’s crunchy, and it’s completely covered in REAL dark chocolate!!!

A lot of other companies actually substitute palm kernel oil for natural cocoa butter…this can make the chocolate taste waxy, fake, and just no good!


They don’t skimp on the sea salt with this one either!! 
Doesn’t get much better than the sweet and salty combo if ya ask me.

Chocolate Chocolate Chip is my second favorite of the NuGo Dark flavors.


Same kinda deal.  
Crunchy rice crispy like center and completely covered in the same delicious chocolate!


This one even has some extra chocolate chips hiding throughout the bar!

I don’t think anyone has ever complained about too much chocolate.

Coming in at a very very close third place is the Peanut Butter Cup.


It’s chocolate and peanut butter…I don’t really think I need to explain any further.

There is one way to make it even better though…


Stuff some peanut butter in between for a little piece of heaven!!

The macros vary a bit, but each bar is about 200 calories
5g Fat 
28g Carb
10g Protein 

The Dark Chocolate bars also come in Mint Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Coconut, Mocha Chocolate, and Spicy Chocolate!
You can browse all the vegan and gluten free options and certainly find a flavor to suit you!

They really do have something for every taste and every dietary need.
Ordering online is cool, but you can also check out their store locator to see if they are sold near you!
No one likes paying for shipping…I buy them at my local grocery store all the time and I swear they are always on sale!!

If you have a minute to spare, go ahead and sign the petition to create a FDA standard for dark chocolate. 
If you are going to eat chocolate, you want to be eating REAL chocolate!

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*This post was sponsored by NuGo Nutrition.  All opinions, statements, and pictures are my own.



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