Loving Lately! It’s a Vegan Bar!!

I have tried more protein bars than I can count.  
Some were really bad.  Some were pretty good.  A few were great!!

I am used to the typical chewy protein bar texture, but I know a lot of people don’t care much for it.
If you don’t like your protein bars to look, taste, or feel like the “typical” bar, you should try NuGo Dark Bars!

Bonus! They are gluten free and vegan.  
No, I don’t have celiac and I am not vegan, but I know a lot of people look for those kinds of bars.  They can be hard to find! Especially ones that taste good…and don’t cost $3 or more per bar…

Not only have I tried a lot of bars, but I have a tried a lot of vegan ones.  
These are one of the very few vegan ones I found that I genuinely enjoy!

Ok, enough vegan talk…

NuGo Nutrition has a lot of different flavors and sizes of bars, but my favorite are the Dark!
They come in 7 different flavors. I have tried them all, but I have really been loving the Chocolate Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Pretzel with Sea Salt.

Chocolate Chocolate Chip is 200 calories.
5F 29C 10P

All the Nugo Dark bars remind me of a rice crispy treat covered in dark chocolate!
This one has extra chocolate goodness inside. If you like chocolate (and who doesn’t) you will love this one!! 

My all time favorite is, and probably always will be, the Chocolate Pretzel with Sea Salt.

Crunchy inside. Smooth dark chocolate coating.  
Just enough sea salt for that perfect sweet and salty combo!

200 calories 
5F 28C 10P

I love these bars before or after a workout, as a quick snack on the go, or whenever I am craving chocolate!

I find them at my local Giant Eagle store, but you can use their store locator to find out where they are sold near you.  

You can save 15% off all NuGo products using code KIMDARK now through April 30, 2018!

Check out NuGo Nutrition everywhere:

Fun fact about NuGo:
Some companies cut costs by mixing their cocoa solids with vegetable fats like palm kernel oil to make imitation chocolate…and then label it as “healthy dark chocolate”…
NuGO uses the best, natural cocoa solids and combines them with creamy cocoa butter so you really get that amazing dark chocolate flavor! They have an online petition to help regulate the accuracy in food labeling and stop the deception. 

*This post was sponsored by NuGo Nutrition.  All opinions and photos are my own.



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