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As a vegetarian, protein bars and protein powders make up a significant portion of my daily protein.  Heck, even if I wasn’t a vegetarian I would still eat and drink the stuff every day! I love finding and trying new flavors.  I never get bored!!

Bodybuilding Warehouse reached out to me after discovering my love for all things protein. They have all the bodybuilding supplements you can imagine!

Including S’mores Protein Powder!


 This is a 100% pure whey protein concentrate.
Per scoop you are looking at 94 calories 1.5F 1C 20P

Mixability is great!


I just used water and hardly had to shake it to get the powder to dissolve.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get a very strong s’mores flavor. I definitely tasted chocolate, but was missing the marshmallow and graham cracker essence.  I added an extra half scoop, but still felt it was lacking a bit in the flavor department.  

Since it mixes up so well, this would be great for baking! I will have to try making some #KimHoeltjeCookies soon!

Now here is something I have never had before…


Each warm cup of hot cocoa is 100 calories 1.5F 5C 16P.

I just mixed it with water in a shaker and then microwaved it for about 2 minutes.


I got the caramel chocolate flavor but I didn’t get much of the caramel. Regardless, it was a pretty tasty cup of hot cocoa!

I bet it would be even better mixed with milk!


I did notice that if you let it sit too long, it got a little “weird”…like it started to separate a bit…

But I don’t plan on drinking it slow enough to let that happen! I think it’s a great way to get in some extra protein and makes the perfect Fall beverage!

I was very excited to try the Premium Protein Cookie!


 So chocolatey!!

Each cookie contains 326 calories 10F 20C 37.5P and they come in Rich Chocolate and Chocolate Caramel

I got the Rich Chocolate and it did not dissapoint!


Very soft with just a slight chewy-ness. Tons of chocolate chips!!


I also really liked that it wasn’t overly sweet. Almost reminded me of a dark chocolate cookie.  

Would highly recommend!!


Perfect addition to that cup of hot cocoa!! I call that Chocolate Breakfast Perfection!

Lastly are some protein bars or “FlapJacks” as they are referred to in the UK.


Here we have the Chocolate Pecan bar – 282 calories 8.5F 36C 19P


It had a pretty good chocolate flavor and like the cookie, wasn’t overly sweet.  However, I did find it to be a little hard and a bit dry…

I did love the chocolate coating on the bottom half of the bar!!


If they were to cover the entire bar in that smooth chocolate goodness, I think that would seal the deal!

Overall, a good tasting bar that filled me up and satisfied my sweet tooth.

This Toffee Apple bar reminded me of Fall!


I couldn’t find the nutritional info for this bar in their site, but will assume it is similar to the Honey Berry bar at 273 calories 7F 37C 18P,

Again, a little lacking in flavor…I didn’t really taste the toffee or the apple…


But, if they renamed the bar to something like “Chewy Chocolate Fun Bar”… then we are on the right track!

I really liked the soft, chewy texture! It made the bar last longer!


I also really loved the chocolate coating once again. Out of the two bars, I would definitely choose to eat this one again…and again…and again…

This company is based in the UK, but ship to the US as well! Check out the full site for shipping costs and to see all the other products they offer! My favorites were the Protein Cookie and Toffee Apple bar 🙂

Overall, I think they are a good company! They have everything from protein and bars to snacks and nut butters! 

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  1. The honey berry flavor is the best protein bar ive tasted. Moist, very nice tasting and always good to have in your cupboard or work draw as a snack. The chocolate ones are ok, just a bit harder and not as moist. A bit powery if anything. Can stop eating the Honey Berry bars and keep on stocking up on them. 24 for ?18.99 which is awesome price especially for such a stunning tasting product.

  2. Indeed, you don’t have to restrict yourself with the food you love such as sweets. You can enjoy it by eating Body Building Warehouse Bars Protein. I love it as well and I’m glad that you do too. Thanks for this! Xoxo.

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