A Garden in the House?! Floor Bloom!

Annabelle had her first plane experience on a trip to visit Aunt Lala and Uncle CoCo in Texas! It was a blast!!! She handled the plane ride like a champ and we will definitely be making the trip more often. 

Why am I talking about this? Because we came home to a giant box filled with flower pillow fun!!

IMG_1252 (1)

Annabelle freaked! In a good way! 

Floor Bloom sent us one of each of their adorable, cozy, and very functional floor pillows.

IMG_1326 (1)

Sadie was pretty excited.
I guess they make good doggie beds too!

Most of the time Annabelle is just lounging around watching her favorite shows – Curious George and Sesame Street!
She has a slight Elmo obsession…

IMG_1310 (1)

We made a little reading nook in her room and she spent a good hour in there with her favorite books.

IMG_1320 (1)

Pretty sure she is going to be reading by age 2. 

Perfect place for puzzles too!

IMG_1296 (1)

Someone was pretty excited about the situation!

Girl loves her colors too.  


Someone got a hold of a marker and added her own “design” to one of the pillows….
Luckily these pillows go right into the washer for easy clean up!

I am sure they will have their fair share of juice splatters, marker doodles, and lollipop stickies.

IMG_1255 (1)

Annabelle wasn’t the only one loving these fuzzy seats! 

Mom and Dad love having some extra cushion for floor play time.
And with a new baby on the way, Mom is all about being as comfy as possible!!
Pretty sure Munchkin will love them too!

I honestly have nothing bad to say about these pillows! 
They are soft. They are comfy cozy. They are beyond adorable.

Perfect for a little girl or boy’s room. Great in a play room. Or a nice addition to any reading or coloring nook.

Check out Floor Bloom for all the details!

*This post was sponsored by Floor Bloom. All pictures and opinions are my own.

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