Vegetarian Meal Ideas!

I am vegetarian! My 2 year old daughter is vegetarian! Baby #2, who is due in few weeks, will be vegetarian!! My husband is not vegetarian.  But that’s OK! These meals are great for anyone!

Quorn came out with 3 new refrigerated meatless options so I decided to get creative and try them all.

This meal was actually my husband’s dinner last night.  The meat eater!! 
Italian Sausage was the star of this dish. 

Each link is 130 calories 5F 12C 10P.

He loved the flavor!! Said he “didn’t miss the meat.”

Even though I don’t think he will become a vegetarian anytime soon, I know we can enjoy some great meals together as a family! 

Oh, and if you’re wondering I just used boxed pasta and sauce from a jar…#NotAChef

We are kind of working backwards here, but let’s move on to a lunch idea!

Start with a Flat Out Wrap, a layer of your favorite cheese, some Quorn Chicken Strips, more cheese (because why not), and your favorite veggies!

This was fantastic!! Great hot or cold.

I honestly haven’t had meat in over 15 years, but I love the texture of these products.  

These strips don’t have a ton of flavor as is, but I like that you can add any sauces, spices, or toppings to make it suit you!
Per serving – 65 calories 10F 2C 10P

Continuing in reverse order… My favorite meal of the day…


Not only is breakfast food my favorite, but the Quorn Chicken and Apple Sausage was my favorite of the three new products.

This Fall inspired breakfast includes a cinnamon raisin bagel with pumpkin cream cheese, and the sausage cooked in maple syrup.  You gotta try it!!!!

Sweet and savory perfection!

Each link is 140 calories 5F 15C 9P.

Seriously though, you must try it with some maple syrup.  You must!!

I love Quorn products for a few reasons.
1. They taste great
2. They have a huge variety of products
3. They are extremely versatile

All Quorn products are 100% meat and soy free and they also carry quite a few vegan options!
Find out where they are sold near you

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This post was sponsored by Quorn.  All opinions, statements, and photos are my own.




  1. I thought the chicken & apple sausages were God Awful. Even though cooked in a fry pan as recommended, the texture inside was mushy. And the flavor had a real off-putting sour, weird unpleasant taste to me. But I guess everyone’s taste buds are different.

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