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Most people kind of have “a thing”  Ya know, something they are really good at…Well, my thing is cookies! I am kinda known for making some pretty tasty and healthy cookies! Not to mention my parents own a cookie bakery!!! Granted they don’t make the healthiest cookies in the world, but they sure are tasty!

I absolutely love trying new brands and flavors of cookies! Especially when I can find some that are actually good for you too! Bonus!! I stumbled upon The Cookie Department on Instagram and was very intrigued!!


They make all-natural cookies with health benefits and deliciousness!! Pretty neat concept actually…each flavor of cookie has a different “function” such as detox, wellness, or probiotic.  


And don’t worry, vegans and gluten free eaters are covered too!

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The macros vary for each cookie, but are all under 200 calories and pretty low fat. 

Let’s check out all the different flavors and what they have to offer!


Cherry Bomb was up first! This one contains billions of probiotics to help with your immune system.  It is also their gluten free cookie! It is full of semi sweet chocolate and big pieces of bing cherries!


I was pleasantly surprised by how soft it was!!! I don’t know why but I always expect “healthy” pre-packaged cookies to be hard or even somewhat stale tasting.  Not the case at all!!! It was very chocolatey, very smooth, and I loved the chewiness of the cherries!

Next was the Great Full Cookie. The one is for you vegans!!


At first glance I thought it was just going to be a regular old oatmeal raisin cookie…wrong!! This wellness cookie is made with sweet potato and cranberries! Both great sources of antioxidants.  


It was kind of like an oatmeal raisin cookie, but much better! Nice and sweet, very hearty!! The molasses and vanilla flavors reminded me of Christmas! 

You really can’t go wrong with a classic chocolate chip cookie! Or in this case, a vitality Chocolate Chip Nookie! This “not so ordinary” cookie contains Maca, a superfood believed to boost vitality.  


Honestly I don’t know about all that, but it sure tasted great!! Nice and soft, just the way I like my cookies!


It had the perfect chocolate chip to cookie ratio too.

I love peanut butter so I was pretty sure the Tough Cookie was going to be a hit!


This is the protein cookie which contains 5 grams of whey protein.  Not a ton of protein, but a nice little boost. Great flavor and texture!


There were these great little chewy peanut buttery pieces throughout the cookie.  It also had peanuts which added a great little crunch. 

I was especially looking forward to the Snap Back Cookie.  It contains natural detoxifiers such as cayenne pepper, black strap molasses, and ginger.  I was really looking forward to this one because I am currently 20 weeks pregnant and ginger has been a life save for tummy troubles.  


 This one also kind of reminded me of the holidays.  It was very soft and full of flavor!! Surprisingly, this one might have been my favorite!

Unfortunately I did not end up trying the Awaken Baked espresso cookie.   


Since finding out I was pregnant, I have completely given up caffeine, which this cookie contains.  It has the equivalent to one cup of coffee.  Not to mention lots of chocolate chips which I could see peeking through! Don’t worry though, this cookie will not be wasted!! I stuck it in the freezer and will give it a try after baby arrives! I will get back to you, but I am sure it will be amazing!


I think these would make a great gift!! For a special someone or for yourself! I love that they are individually packaged and have the nutritional facts right on the bag.  I am not sure about the shelf life (because I ate them all pretty quickly) but I bet they would keep in the freezer for quite some time!


Don’t tell my parents, but my husband stole a bite and said he would have believed they came from my parent’s bakery!! That’s saying a lot because they make some amazing cookies! 

So if you are looking for a tasty, healthy, functional cookie, give The Cookie Department a try! You can use the store locater to see if they are sold anywhere near you or just order right from their site.  A 12 pack is just $24.95.  

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*What is your favorite kind of cookie??


  1. lol its not healthy at all… it may be natural but soooo packed with sugar…. 🙁 u could eat ANY normal cookie instead… :/

    1. Healthy is such a relative term…the nice thing is that it has all natural ingredients and tastes great! Nothing wrong with a little sugar, especially in a cookie.

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