Quorn Chik’n Nuggets – Vegetarian Kiddo!

I have been following a vegetarian diet for over 15 years.  It started out as just a taste preference, but really turned into a lifestyle choice for me.  When my daughter Annabelle was born, we went back and forth, but decided to raise her vegetarian as well! 

People ask – Where does she get her protein?
I always chuckle a bit and then ramble off just a few of the many vegetarian protein sources that she loves: cheese, yogurt, milk, nuts, cottage cheese, peanut butter, and Quorn!!

Quorn makes meatless products like nuggets, patties, cutlets, meatballs, sausage links, and grounds.
They taste great! They are full of protein! And your kids won’t know the difference!!

Annabelle loves the nuggets
Seriously though…what kid doesn’t love a cripsy crunchy nugget?!

These little guys are also soy free (allergen-free), have half the fat of regular nuggets, and are non-GMO.

Annabelle isn’t in school yet, but my husband is a teacher so I know how hectic the school year can be!
Talk about a quick and easy dinner!!

Lots of parents will be juggling homework time, after school sports, fall activities, and more so we all need some fast food ideas! And by fast food I literally mean fast food!! Not fast food as in drive thru and order some food quickly…

Although we do love a good McDonald’s ice cream cone from time to time 😉

These aren’t just for kids!!! Moms and Dads love them too!
Or Aunts and Uncles…babysitters…Grandma, Grandpa…anyone really!

My favorite way to eat them is dipped in honey.  It’s a sweet and salty must try!!
My “not-so-vegetarian” husband even loves them! He always eats up Annabelle’s leftovers dipped in ketchup or BBQ sauce. We never let a nugget go to waste.

Take Annabelle’s word for it. These are good!
If she could talk, she would tell you to give them a try.
You won’t miss the meat!!!

I find Quorn products at my local grocery store. Check out their store locator to find some near you!

Check out Quorn.com for more information and lots of recipes with their meatless options.
Quorn is all over social media too:

*This post was sponsored by Quorn.  All photos, statements, and opinions are my own!


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