Myprotein Protein Popcorn

Best movie snack!?

Make that Protein Popcorn!! 
Yes, Myprotein now has protein popcorn and it is amazing.

That coming from a girl who isn’t really a huge fan of popcorn in general.
Usually I am more of a pretzel person, but I can destroy a bag of this deliciousness!

Comes in 4 fun flavors:

Freedom – Per serving (60g)
150 calories 3F 22C 10P 

Have you ever had Cap’n Crunch cereal?! 
This tastes like the berries! Sweet and fruity!!
My 2 year old daughter loved this one. Definitely kid approved!

Cinnamon Crunch – Per serving (60g)
150 calories 3F 22C 10P

Sticking with the cereal comparison, this tastes like it was coated in Cinnamon Toast Crunch!!
Loved this one!! Doesn’t hurt that Cinnamon Toast Crunch is my favorite cereal…
Sweet, crunchy, and a ton of cinnamon flavor!

Vanilla Peanut Butter – Per serving (60g)
200 calories 7F 23C 10P

You definitely get the flavors of both peanut butter and vanilla with this one.
I wish there was a teeny tiny bit more peanut buttery-ness, but I just really really love peanut butter!
I like to mix this with the Cinnamon Crunch for a super fun cinnamon, peanut butter, vanilla combo!

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt – Per serving (60g)
150 calories 3F 22C 10P 

We saved the best for last!! Oh. My. Word!!
This stuff is amazing! I will warn you…it is dangerously easy to eat the entire bag in one sitting!
You get chocolate. You get salty. Crunchy. Melt in your mouth. 
Popcorn Perfection!!!!

All of these tasty snacks can be found at
KIMH10 will save you an additional 20% on any order!!
Keep an eye out for sales because Myprotein is kinda known for great ones!



  1. Kim – your site looks so cute and so YOU! I love the update!!!!! I also notice your teeth are amazingly white now since using the stuff you talked about in a vlog. I saw on your Instagram that you were at the NPC Nationals competition over the weekend. I competed in that show 3 years ago. It was my last show after 8 years due to meeting ED for the first time. It’s taken me 3 years but I’m finally getting over my ED – I still train like a beast but no competition.

    Anyway – LOVE the site, your vlogs, your recipes, your humor, family and just honesty about everything.

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