Santa Brownies

Christmas is almost here!!
We have a one year old and a three year old so we are all pretty excited about Santa!


We are also pretty excited about all the Christmas Treats.

These might look complicated but I made them with a 3 year old so that tells you something.

I used Kodiak Cakes Brownie Mix and a mini muffin pan for the base.
Any brownie mix would work!! We like the just add water kind 😉

A glob of icing (from a jar) covered with white shimmer sprinkles.

The hats?
Bugles!! Dipped in melted white chocolate and red shimmer sprinkles.
Dip the tip in the chocolate and top with half a mini marshmallow!

Easy Peasy!! 

Don’t worry if they don’t look perfect.
They taste good no matter what!

What’s your favorite Christmas Treat?
Do you like to make your own and just eat what everyone else bakes?!

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