About Me

Hi! My name is Kim. I am a 30-something foodie living in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. I used to be a Nanny, but now I am a full time wife and mommy and couldn’t be happier! I love working out and everything fitness related!


 I love coming up with healthy recipes and trying new products!


I am also getting into Mommy Blogging now! I wanted to be a Mom for a very long time and couldn’t ask for more.


I got married in June 2012 to my wonderful husband Jim. He is super supportive in everything I do and I love him!


Our beautiful daughter was born June 30th 2015.


 Annabelle Hoeltje Grace. She makes me so happy!!  

We are beyond thrilled to announce that Baby #2 will be joining our family Novemeber 2017!

I love challenging myself with hardcore workouts and races. I did my first triathlon a couple years ago and had such a blast! To me, working out is more of a hobby instead of a chore. Exercise is a passion of mine because I like the way it makes me feel physically and mentally, not because I need to look a certain way.


I love baking as well. My parents own a cookie bakery so I learned how mix, scoop, and taste test at an early age. I like to experiment with different recipes, make changes, add different ingredients, and just have fun with it. I love using protein powder in place of flour and sugar! I am a vegetarian, so I love high protein treats!


Well, that’s me in a nutshell. I hope you check back and see how things are going.


Feel free to contact me with any questions anytime!



  1. You`re such an inspiration to me, beyond belief actually. I`ve had a passion for baking from such a young age but it just seems it could never be a career as I studied finance at university. I`m actually currently working as an au pair abroad and am trying to use this time to figure out if it would even be possible to someday follow my dream! Love the recipes!

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